About MM

Our products are different.

The stones you see in our products are all handcrafted in our home studio in Ringgold GA by award-winning artist Kat Morris (my wife!). They go through a 10 or 12-step process from start to finish to create the art you see in those stones. We use a special acrylic process - yes, paint! This allows us to choose our unique color combinations and use more unusual paints like Color Shift and a lot of metallics paints for a great reflective quality that also adds depth to the stones.
The technique is used two ways: by making a small painting that we will preserve carefully chosen pieces of, under glass. Or we use the technique directly onto our prepared slate from GA, VA, and PA. Each of our world-exclusive slate bolos then gets a resin finish, a slide, cords, and various tips.

What are you paying for?

When you buy one of our unique men's accessories, we  help you create that wow factor for all of your outfits, to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

You’ll own that stage, wedding, date night, or whatever you’ve got going on, looking like a million bucks... and like you own the place. 

Because... these are not just "everybody's got one" items, made by machine, or in some sweat shop halfway across the world... Each Maverick Man bolo, buckle, collar tip and cuff link has one of our handcrafted stones that is unique and individually made in the US, that offers style, originality and a twist of artsy fartsy - a look you simply won’t find anywhere else.
We call that look Distinctly Uncommon.

Yes, we can customize something for you!

If you need a special group of bolos, for instance, we can make a custom batch for you in your colors. We can take your logo and make merch for you. Just contact us here to get the conversation going.