Maverick Man unique men's accessories help you create that wow factor for all of your outfits, to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Step up to a Maverick Man bolo or buckle and look like you own the place!


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From the same paintings that we make our distinctly uncommon bolos and buckles, we also make earrings, pendants, and more for the ladies in your life. Explore our collections here.

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When you buy an accessory from us, it's not just an "everybody's got one" item, made by machine, or in some sweat shop halfway across the world..

Each Maverick Man bolo, buckle, collar tip and cuff link has a handcrafted stone that is unique and individually made in the US, using a special acrylic technique that offers style, originality and a twist of artsy fartsy - a look you simply won’t find anywhere else. We call that look Distinctly Uncommon.